The Idea Travel Company has been around since 1980 as a full service agency that has one goal, to make sure you and any traveling companions have the best vacation possible!  How is that possible?  Our agents have probably been everywhere you want to go and can give you inside information into that destination that you also might find on the internet. However, that information is always somewhat biased.  We ask very little of you to be of the best help.  All we need is an approximate budget, where you want to go, when, and how long.  The key thing is, we need to know what you want to do and see to make certain that is possible given any constraints.  We can advise if that is realistic.  If you don’t have a budget we can give you an estimate!  The most important item is what you want to see and do given the time you have available.  We want you to enjoy the destination(s) as much as possible and trying to cram too much to do and see within you available time might not work and we can advise what is realistic. 


Our prices are competitive, our service unsurpassed as there is almost always someone here to answer your questions and make sure that if you are on vacation that everything is perfect or we will do what is necessary to make it so.  We actually hold space once you are ready to proceed and if you like the results we will need a deposit in just a few days to hold the reservation.  You will always talk to the person you initially booked the vacation with so nothing gets lost in the process.  Why not give us a try as you have nothing to lose but yourself in our care free vacations that have been tailored to your every desire!  We do destination weddings and group trips so that if you are the leader and have enough of your friends go you can generally earn a comp (free) trip for one or more.  CALL US TODAY!

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