Choose An Unforgettable Vacation Destination

Okay, you’re planning the dream vacation package. You’ve got the time off, the finances, and the desire to see the world; all that you need is direction. You sit down to buy your tickets and it dawns that you have no destination in mind, or worse, you choose just any location without fully looking through the options at your disposal.

The world is a vast, beautiful, exciting place. There are cruise destinations that can take you to mountains so impossibly high and sublime that you can’t appreciate them until you’re standing at their feet, beaches that are cleaner and bluer than any screensaver would have you believe, and seats of civilization that have stood for thousands of years (and will stand for a thousand more). If you’re having trouble choosing the vacation destination that will play most to your tastes, the following is our profile of several popular destinations. For more information, consult your travel agent and find any other cruise discounts they can find.


The Caribbean is one of the most popular destinations for vacation packages in the world. With cruises cycling all year round from Florida, the Caribbean is both popular and affordable. Many cruise discount packages are booked to the Caribbean due to the high numbers rooms and attractions. Popular stops include Jamaica, the Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands.

The Caribbean is so popular for many reasons. There is less distance to travel for American passengers, there are very tourist friendly beaches and resorts, and the Caribbean generally has something for everyone. But beaches and shops can get tiring. For a fuller vacation package, make sure the trip includes a leg through nearby Yucatan Mexico. The ancient ruins of Mayan culture are humbling and breathtaking to say the least.


The backpack tour through Europe is especially popular with young travelers, but exploring Europe by sea is far more economical and faster. The range of movement afforded by the ocean allows cruise goers to enjoy everything from the chilly fjords of Norway, all the way around the peninsula to the warm water of the Mediterranean. Europe is rich in history, host to some of the finest nightlife and culture in the world, and beautiful scenery.

Europe is the perfect destination if you’re a history and culture buff. You’re literally in the birthplace of Western civilization (and blends into Eastern as many vacation packages continue to Istanbul, Turkey), and the variety is exceptional. Beach bums will find their element in the French Riviera and the shopping in London, Paris, and Italy is world class.

Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is a close second to the Caribbean in terms of accessibility and beauty for American cruise goers. Including San Francisco, Canada, all the way up the scenic Alaska; the Pacific Northwest is the perfect vacation package for scenery, mountain climbing, and fresh air. Due to weather concerns, cruises usually runs from late spring to early autumn, and the sprawling mountain ranges and unfettered wildlife are truly an essential experience to anyone wishing to call themselves well-travelled.

While there are beautiful beaches and scenery during the deep summer, the Pacific Northwest is not for those wishing to spend extensive time on the sand. Instead, this cruise is ideal for a sporting and outdoor enthusiast, or someone that wishing to experience a truly sublime view of nature. Cruise discounts are available on Northwest cruises heading out of LA, San Francisco, and many other popular cities. To round out the entire vacation package, make sure to ask your travel agent what options you have available to you.

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